Can I see how well my articles are performing in real time?

Yes, you can, through the Mogul Dashboard

To unlock your Article Stats, you need to publish an article on The Market Mogul. Then you will start to see the readership data for your article in your Mogul Dashboard!

Once you unlock your Article Stats, you have access to a variety of tools and features. You will be able to tell which articles are doing well and which ones you need to share more. You will be able to see the performance of articles written up to 6 months ago.

Through Article Stats, you will have a comprehensive breakdown of the following:

  • How your articles performed over time
  • Number of reads
  • Number of shares
  • Where your readers are based
  • How they discovered your articles
  • Individual article breakdown as well as buttons to re-share with one click

Here is a run-down of some of the key features of your Article Stats dashboard:

Features of Article Stats

See how your articles are performing over time

Day by day, week by week, we provide you with real-time information on how many people are reading your articles. We show you total views for your articles on a given day. By clicking the titles of your articles, you can isolate particular ones to see their breakdown too.

It takes time to build your readership, so be patient. We have a number of guides to help you boost your performance, that you can read here. Our team also helps you maximise your readership for your articles by sharing them on social media and ensuring they rank as highly as possible on Google News, through Search Engine Optimisation. 

Where your articles are being read

The articles you write on The Market Mogul are read all over the world. Someone on the other side of the planet might read your article and share it with their friends, because your perspective resonates with them. As we continue to grow, the power of our global network will continue to increase, meaning your perspectives will reach more people.

Our 'heat map' provides you with a country-by-country breakdown. By hovering your mouse over different countries, you can see exactly how many people read your article over there. As you write more content and follow our suggestions, the global reach of your content will continue to widen.

See the most popular sources of readers

It is important to know how your readers discovered your article. This gives you a better idea of how effective your article sharing is. We have a number of guides for each of the social networks to make sure you get as many readers from all sources as possible. You can find them here.

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